Backlink Checker

What is Backlink Checker?

Backlink Checker is a desktop tool the allows website owners or SEO's to check a websites backlink profile. It is powered through the MOZ API (which is free to use). You simply enter the web properties (domains / webpages) you want to see the backlinks for and the tool will fire off requests to the MOZ API fetching all the known websites / webpages linking to those web properties.

How does this tool work?

This tool is powered by the MOZ backlink crawler. Which current has around 190 Billion URLs, 317 Million Domains and 2 Trillion Links in its index. When you click start in the background the tool fires off requests to the MOZ API which returns all the links for your entered web properties. Web properties are just webpages and domains. Once we get a response back from the MOZ API we display the results in the results grid. There are a few options that we'll explain below.

Tool options

  • Fetch MOZ DA and PA - With this setting the tool will also query the moz api for the backlink's domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) so you can assess how much of an impact its having on ranking the target web property (webpage or website).
  • Fetch NoFollow links - By default this tool will fetch only dofollow links, however if this option is selected it will return all links regardless of their nofollow / dofollow link attributes
  • Fetch links for entire domain - By detault if you were to enter this tool would only return links pointing to the root domain ( however if you select this option it will return all links pointing to the domain regardless of their target URL. For example links pointing to would be returned as well as any links pointing to

Why should I use this backlink tool?

Links are still the core of Google's off page ranking algorithm. After on page SEO, links should be the next variable you focus on. Seeing who is linking to you and who is linking to your competitors can really give you the edge over your competition. If you can see where your competitors are obtaining their links you can replicate this and outrank them.

What does this tool look like?

Backlink checker

Watch Backlink Checker in action / Tutorial

How to get your MOZ API keys

Change log

  • 04/12/2017 - Initial release

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my backlink checker tool. So basically, I realized I've made this massive tool set and then I've never actually made a simple backlink checker, which is kind of embarrassing. But I've made one now it's powered by the MOZ API, so you will have to go away and get a MOZ API key which actually it's a MOZ API access key, an MOZ API secret key. But it's really easy to do and it is completely free.

Just type MOZ API into Google, click their website create an account. It takes like 10-20 seconds or something and then go to the, I think it's a dashboard. Click generate keys and there you go, you've got your key pair and you just click that button there and enter them in the pop-up that comes up so I'll. Give you a quick demo. Well, actually, first I'll talk you through some of the options and then I'll show you it in action. So pretty obvious here you simply enter in there the URLs that you want to fetch backlinks for and the results will be shown in here and now, if you can fetch the MOZ domain authority and page Authority as well, when you fetch for the backlink, it will make it a little bit slower.

So, basically you'll fetch all the backlinks and then, if you have that ticked it will then go through fetching the PA and DA for each backlink in batches of 10 to try and speed it up. If you click that, then it will fetch links to the entire domain. So, for example, here we've got a If that was page then it would bring back only backlinks pointing to, if that's ticked, then it would bring back every backlink pointing to it anywhere on that domain.

So not only, but things like you know would be returned and by the way you don't have to enter root domains in there. You can enter things like, contact over there but whatever, if you just want to bring back backlinks pointing to a particular page, that's fine! You can just enter that in. So that's those two options and if you want to include nofollow backlinks as well, simply click that. Okay so that's all the options I'll show you it in action, let's click start now, as I'm using a free MOZ account there's a 10 second delay between requests. So if you're checking a domain that has tons of backlinks it might take a while - but my domain doesn't have that many backlinks in the MOZ index, s0o it's relatively quick.

So you can see all the backlinks and now because I said that we're going through in batches of 10, 10 of the backlinks returned at time to get all the MIZ PA, and so you can see we're just sleeping there. So we don't go over the free limit, which is 10-11 seconds or something so you can see, we've got 51, do follow, backlinks pointing to my website, and you can see. We've got the DA and PA for each backlink as well, and you can just click on the links and it will take you straight to where the backlink is.

So like I said it's powered by the MOZ crawler and you simply have to get a MOZ API key to use it and enter it in there and the MOZ API key is completely free to get you just create account, verify your email and then generate an access key and a secret token, which sounds complicated if you're not familiar with API's, but you literally just go in create, you create an account log in and click its something like a dashboard or something like that a0nd then you click generate keys. I think it'll generate API keys or something and it will generate those two keys for you and that's simply take those keys, add them in there and that's it. So hopefully, this is going be useful for you guys. I would love some feedback thanks for watching guys.