Bad Link Buster - Find malware, deindexed websites and spam in your backlink profile

What is a Bad Link Buster?

Bad Link Buster is a desktop tool that allows you to find backlinks in your backlink profile that might be damaging your search engine rankings.

How Bad Link Buster works

Bad Link Buster is very simple to use. You simply enter your domain name then load in a line seperated list of your backlinks and bad link buster will check each link for any issues that might be causing you problems. These include Malware websites, deindexed websites, foreign websites, content farms, cloaking websites and more.

Why should I use Bad Link Buster?

There are many ways you may have ended up with bad links in your backlink profile.

  • Purchased an expired domain name that has bad links already pointing at it
  • A Negative SEO attack on your website
  • Purchased blackhat SEO services
All of these can cause major issues. You may even end up with your website being deindexed if a negative SEO attack is not dealt with swiftly. Maintaining a clean high quality backlink profile says to google "This is a website you can trust".

Watch Bad Link Buster in action

Change log

  • 19/06/2016 - Initial release
  • 19/06/2017 - Added bug reporter