Content Creator

What is Content Creator?

Content Creator is a software tool that will search Google for your keyword and download all related content from Google's results for that keyword. You can then use this content in a Blackhat or Whitehat way. The Blackhat way will spin the content and shuffles all sentances allowing you to use this unique spun content in your links to your money website. The Whitehat way is an option to bring back all the h1 and h2 tags, the results of this is a list of all the topics that the top 100 articles for that keyword have covered.

How does it work?

Content Creator scrapes the top 100 results from Google for your keyword then extracts all p tag contents and h2/h2 tags. Content and topic headings are then generated from this.

Why should I use it?

Content Creator aims to help both Whitehat and Blackhat SEO's by kick starting their article creation process. Either by generating the whole article for them (spun and shuffled) or grabbing all the headers (h1/h2) from the competition (top 100 results on Google) to give them as many content ideas as possible.

What does Content Creator look like?

Content Creator

Watch Content Creator in action / Tutorial

Change log

  • 31/07/2017 - Initial release
  • 20/01/2018 - Fixed unicode bug for my poles :-)

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my content creator tool and, basically, what it does is it helps you kickstart, your content creation process or it does it all for you. Whichever way you want to use it, so what it does is, you enter in your keyword here and then it will go off the google it'll search that keyword and then bring back all the content on all the web pages for it up to up to 100 results now there's two ways you can use it. I kind of break it down into the black hat and the white hat way content usage. Firstly, the blackhat way, it'll bring back all the content, and then you have the option of where you want to spin the content, and you can also shuffle all the sentences as well so it'll take all the sentences and then put them in random places so that it's all unique content and it also uses the Google Translate API to spin it. So what comes back is normally grammatical correct in the eyes of Google.

The white hat way of using it is it'll, go off, grab all the content, and it will display in the headers bit here, it will display all the contents of the h1 tags and if you want as well h2 tags. So why would anyone want that? So the reason it does that is because a lot of the time I found what I'm creating content. I kind of just look at a blank white page, and I think where do I start? How can I break this down into manageable chunks and by this tool going off and getting you know all the headers from like a hundred websites to do with your chosen topic it can give you some really good content creation ideas, because you can see how everyone else has broken their content down into chunks and it'll give you kind of you know, subtopic topics to discuss within that keyword if that makes sense.

Okay, so before I show you it in action, you can have a look at settings menu here and there's actually only one setting for this tool and thats you choose which google you want to scrape content from. So if you want your content to be more geographically relevant, then you may want to change the google you're scraping from. Okay, so in this instance, we're going to scrape content for dog training tips and we're going to leave the word limit at zero, so that I'll just do everything from the top 100 and we're going to grab the h2. I won't spin it for now and I'm showong it I want it to be quicker. Okay, so let's start, so now it's going off and you see it's got the top 100 Google results for a source of content and it's working its way through those ripping the content from them and you'll find the results for the headers will vary if it's quite a competitive. In a well optimized niche the headers will be really good and if it's not a massive niche they might not be as good.

Okay, so you can see we've got thirty, six thousand words of content and we're free to spin it and shuffle it if you want to use it in a black hat way, and if you want to use it in a white that way, you can see, we've got tons and tons of new content ideas now and also content ideas for subcategories within that chosen niche slash keyword. Okay, that's it guys.