Easy Amazon

What is Easy Amazon?

Easy Amazon allows you to find items and products sold on Amazon that have zero review competition on Google. If you are a member of the Amazon affiliate program this tool can seriously boost your traffic and commissions.

How does Easy Amazon work?

Once you enter your Amazon category Easy Amazon will crawl each page scraping all the items and products. For every item it will check if people are searching for reviews on Google using the Google suggest API. If people are searching for reviews for the chosen product / item then easy Amazon will send the search query of "product name + review". For each result that is returned for this search query Easy Amazon checks if they are promoting Amazon products. This allows you to find products and items that have literally zero compition on Google for item / product reviews.

Why should I use Easy Amazon?

Easy Amazon can save you literally hours, even days of Amazon product / item keyword research. How many times have you seen a great item in your niche you'd like to review only to see that Google is stuffed full of highly targeted results for reviews for that item / product.

What does Easy Amazon look like

easy amazon

Watch Easy Amazon in action / Tutorial

Change log

  • 19/06/2017 - Initial release

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from MaxResultsSEO.com and in this video, I'm going to show you how to use my Easy Amazon Tool. Now basically, what this software does is you'd, give it single Amazon category or as many Amazon categories as you like, and it will run through each item in each of those categories, and it will firstly check whether anyone is searching for reviews for them, and it does that through the Google autocomplete API and then secondly, after that, it will check to see whether anyone is reviewing this item on Google, this is all done in the background. So if it finds an item that people are searching for reviews for it knows that, and whether and it works out that there's also zero competition on Google for it, then it will display it in the box down below.

So what you should end up with is a nice list of Amazon products that have literally zero competition for so just to reiterate it scrapes each item then fires that items names plus the keyword review at the Google auto complete API. So if people are searching for reviews for it, it can tell by using your the auto complete API if people aren't searching for reviews then ignore it. If they are then go to the next step, the next step is to search Google. So if it's, if it's a Nvidia graphics card, it will search Google for Nvidia and then the name of the graphics card and then review and for each of those websites that come back from that search then go through them all and see if any of them are selling it, well see if any of them are promoting it though the Amazon affiliate program. So, as I said, the end result should be if you leave it to run, should be a nice big list of Amazon products that have been sold on Amazon that have absolutely zero competition on Google for people searching for reviews for them.__call

Okay, so I'll just go through some settings, so this program supports proxies for firing requests at the Google API, the autocomplete API and also scraping Amazon. If you use proxies, please as a love of god, don't use public ones, use proper dedicated private proxies and pay close attention to that format there with a semicolon as a delimiter. Settings, so that's the pause between queries and scrapes pause between Google search queries when we're scraping results and that's the pause between in milliseconds for the autocomplete you can play around with those. If you're running loads of other stuff, that's hitting Amazon and Google you might want to crank it up, so you don't get your IP banned. That's the number of errors to give up on, so yes, you know if Amazon's blocking is happening again again and again. Then we'll stop after three times and if you do get blocked by Amazon, you will see it there now is an IP blocked message.

Okay, so let's add an amazon category, so I'm going to enter some graphics card categorys. Now notice, if you find a proper category, it will have no equals and then the number of the category ID you'll know it's a proper category. If it's got that, otherwise it's not proper category. So when we click at add category you'll go off and it will check it understands the HTML on that page to be able to process that category so there we go, entered it in there. So it understands it, so it will be able to scrape it. Okay, so before we start the Amazon product crawl I'll just go through some of these stat settings. So use proxies, that's pretty obvious really, if you want to use proxies, just click that box as long as you've added them in up here, I have just noticed a little bug which I'll fix after this video for some reason, if you click that checkbox doesn't work. If you click the text it does, I think, that's just because some of these boxes are probably overlapping that or something.

Okay so the scrape queries we send Google to scrape websites if they're targeting this Amazon item. That's concurrent Amazon scrapes you got going on so it'll always be one scrape unless you are using proxies they're not be as many proxies as you've got websites checked as how many websites we've checked, see if they're, promoting that Amazon item and they get those websites from the Google search query, that's the many items we scraped, though, that are waiting to be checked as many items we have checked so many hours and items that have people searching for reviews for them they're already been targeted and that's how many amazon items without online reviews, which is the important one. So how many times google has blocked our IP, how many times amazon has blocked our IP. If you're not using proxies - and you see that start to go up, then you need to stop it reset your router if you've got a dynamic IP and then go into the settings and push up the amazon pause.

General scraping errors, that's just how many times it's been unable to scrape something basically. Google suggests IP blocks, that's how many times the Google Suggest API is blocked. As with all these blocks, if it's just the occasional one and then it seems to be running fine like that then don't worry about it, it might not necessarily be a block, it might just be a little blip it there and/or a blip in your connection or something. That's how many queries we've sent to the Google Suggest API. Okay, so, let's see it run, so we click start search and you can see we scrape 15 items, we've checked one of them, it has review searches and someone else is already reviewing online, so we've left it and I've gone to the next on. You can see it's checking for reviews through the Google Suggest API see another one score reviews, so it does take quite a while to find results simply because you're starting from the beginning of a category and generally the most popular items will be at the start of the category and the most popular items are the ones are generally already reviewed.

So I recommend, if you've got a VPS, just leave it running on that overnight or leave it running on your desktop overnight and then come back in the morning and see what the results are, because it's once it gets to the end of a category and it finds those items that people you know have generally forgotten, then it finds the real gold. So we'll come back when this has more results and we'll go through what's in the box below. Okay, so we've had it running for a couple of hours now on the graphics card category. At the moment it's found six, but when it gets towards the end of the cathegory, it will find a lot more. So, let's just have a look at some of these look at this one. So yeah you can see that's a pretty easy keyword, so you can see yeah, but manufacturers website is number one and then down number four you've got the Amazon listing. So that implies us that'll, be pretty easy to rank for and getting this one here and also you can get an idea of purchase volume by the review count as a rough estimate and obviously you can get an idea at the commission from the item price.

So if I look at this one so yeah that's another good one, so you can see the manufacturers websites number one and then you've got the Amazon link for it again number four, no one's doing the review for it, so that'll be easy to rank for again and this one here you can see will be easy to rank for because it has YouTube videos ranking that normally implies that the competition is pretty weak. Yeah looks like a pretty easy one and that's got quite high review count, which implies, got quite high purchase volume. Ok, so just check one last one here, so we can see you've got the manufacturer number one which looks like a horrible page given that URL I bet that's really unoptimized, then we've got the Amazon listing itself, another Amazon listing and then you've got a forum post which is going to be really weak, so you'll be able to easily rank for that.

Ok, that's it. Just a brief overview of how it works again, so scrapes items from categories then for each item, it'll check whether people are searching for reviews for it or not. If they are will check whether the results on Google for amazon reviews. To see if anyone is reviewing that Amazon item or not, and if they're not it will show you the results down below.