Elite Content Creator

What is Elite Content Creator?

Elite Content Creator is a windows desktop application that is capable of generating an unlimited amount of niche related high quality content for your website. You simply give it your keyword then sit back and let the unique high quality content be generated.

How does it work?

When you enter your keyword into Elite Content Creator it simply scrapes YouTube for videos related to your keyword (there are several filters so you can find just what you are looking for) for every video it finds it will rip/scrape the subtitles from. This content is not indexed by Google so you can use it freely without worry of duplicate content issues. This tool even has a built in uniqueness checker just to be sure no one else has used this tool on the same video and uploaded the content to their website or the YouTube uploader has a transcript of the video on their website. This tool will even punctuate the content for you, producing excellent high quality articles for your website.

Why should I use it?

This tool is perfect for people who either want a high quaility content and articles for their white hat websites or people who want quality keyword and LSI rich content for the web 2.0s or PBNs. The quality of the content it produces is so good its also Adsense and Amazon safe. Writing quality content takes time and with this tool you can make use of the internets largest gold mine of unindexed high quality content...YouTube.

What does Elite Content Creator look like?

Elite Content Creator

Watch Elite Content Creator in action / Tutorial

Change log

  • 27/01/2018 - Initial release

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi Guys, its Jamie from MaxResultsSEO.com and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my elite content creator tool. So what this tool what it does is it allows you to generate a near unlimited amount of high-quality unique content for your niche. Now I know that kind of sounds too good to be true, but stick with me and I'll tell you how it works and then I'll also show you it in action. So not a lot of people know this, but when you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube will automatically sort of analyze that video and extract the audio and try and pick out the words for it to create the subtitles and they do that pretty well. You know just a normal video, this video of instance, you know 99 % of the words they'll be able to pick out what I'm saying and understand it and create subtitles for people watching it without me actually uploading a separate subtitles file or anything like that, it just it'll just do it automatically.

So how this content software tool works is you basically enter your keyword and it'll go off to YouTube, scrape tons of videos as many as you like for that keyword, and then it will extract the subtitles from those videos it will check to see if all of the content that it's got from the subtitles is unique, so a check to see if it's anywhere else on the internet, because someone else might have used this software tool on that certain video. Or there's a tiny possibility the person who uploaded that YouTube video may have a transcript of it on their website or something like that. I've literally only seen that about three times in the last ten years, hardly anyone does it, but the tools got the functionality built into it to check that that content is definitely unique and not anywhere else on the internet. Then once we've done that it will then also actually punctuate the text for you. So I don't know if you've ever looked at the subs on YouTube, but you'll notice that they're not punctuated in any way. It's just a big block of text, basically spaced out throughout the video. So this tool will take that big block of text of subtitles and it'll punctuate it you know, as in put the full stops question marks, commas, all that kind of stuff in it for you yeah, so that's pretty much how it works.

Just to summarize, we enter a keyword, we get the substitute of the video, we check if the subs are anywhere else on the internet and indexed already, and then we punctuate it. Okay, so now you know how it works, I'll show you it in action, so it's pretty simple tool to use really. So in this instance we're going to search for a search of 370z reviews - and you don't have to have anything in here, but you can put basically anything you like in there that must be within the subtitles it rips, so cost, or something like that. I do want it to see that they talk about costs within the car review or whatever, so we'll leave that like that for now. If you are fairly confident that it's not going be where anywhere else on the internet and literally like 99 % of time is not so if you want it, you know twice as quick. You can untick that, but we'll leave it on just for this demo, so there that's that's all we need to do so.

Click search, so we've already got our first video, it's punctuating it now and in a second, you should see our first video appear and it'll tell us whether it's unique, which will be yes almost guaranteed and it'll tell us the word count for it. We can open the video and watch it and if we want to look at the content there, we've got loads and loads and loads of punctuated high-quality content. You know 3,000 words, you know think how long it takes you to research, a topic type that out it can be hours or even days even. You know this thing can just generate content instantly like that. Now it is a little bit of a kind of gray hat kind of thing, because you are essentially, you could argue it's someone else's content that you're using because it's obviously their words that they're saying on the video, so some people may feel comfortable just copying it, you know one-for-one the exact words.

Some people may not feel comfortable with that, and they may want to just use it as a solid base to build on. So you know, take bits of the article out that you don't feel is necessary, you know word things in your own way, add things that you feel they might have missed. But you know that's entirely up to you how you use that content. So yeah, you can see it's working its way through and it will keep going. They'll find literally hundreds and hundreds, so I've got a log viewer here, that kind of just tells you each task, what its so if you want to see exactly what it's doing you can check that out. Let's stop the search for now, if you find, if you prefer to look manually for the videos, then once you've found one, you can enter it in there and then rip and punctuate, and it will go off to that single video and get the YouTube subs then punctuate them and bring it back for you.

Okay, yeah, that's it. You can export it, copy it, whatever you want to do so. That's it guys thanks for watching. I hope you can see how powerful it is and yeah. I hope it helps with your SEO. Thanks guys,