Supa SEO Checker

What is a Supa SEO Checker?

Supa SEO Checker is a software tool for SEO optimization. Simply enter your websites domain name and it will crawl every webpage on your website looking for SEO problems. All problems can be exported or marked as ignore if these are known issues. Here is a list of what this tool can check and there's much more to come.

What SEO checks does Supa seo Checker perform?

  • Website is indexed in Google
  • Sitemap present
  • Robots.txt blocks Google
  • Server supports compression
  • Title tag is present
  • Title tag is correct length
  • Title tag matches page content
  • Title tag has duplicates
  • Description tag is present
  • Description tag is correct length
  • Description tag matches page content
  • Description has duplicates
  • H1 tag is present
  • H1 tag matches page content
  • Broken links
  • Favicon is present
  • Page load times
  • URL to relevent to page
  • JavaScript minification
  • CSS minification
  • Thin content
  • Safe keyword density
  • Content internal uniqueness
  • Internal link anchor text relevancy
  • ALT tags on images
  • Social content tags if share buttons are present
  • No index tags
  • Check every page for duplicate content

Why should I use the Supa SEO checker tool?

This powerful SEO checker tool allows users to quickly find SEO problems on their websites so you can be confident of your websites SEO quality. Simply point it at your website and the tool will crawl your website for common SEO problems and build you comprehensive SEO report.

How does this SEO checker software work?

The software simply starts from your homepage then crawls every webpage on your website looking for common SEO problems. Everything from SEO meta data checks to keyword density checks.

What does it look like?

Supa SEO Checker

Watch this website checker in action / Tutorial

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my Supa SEO checker, so it's a pretty self-explanatory tool really you point it at your website or a client's website and it'll check the SEO of every page on the website. Obviously, there's a lot of tools are there for checking SEO, but a lot of them, you know you'll stick in your your website and it will just check the homepage, which isn't a very good representation of your overall SEO at all. So let's go through some of the options so, crawl settings so this is just how aggressively you want to crawl your website, if it's a massive website you might want to crank this up. So delay between each crawl is one second concurrent requests, a concurrent threads to crawl the website with, five that's five page loads at a time, sounds a lot but keep in mind that you're, not downloading JavaScript and CSS on most of the pages. You are only downloading it in the initial homepage check.

Checks, so this is a list of all the checks it the seo analyzer is going to perform. If a website page has an issue you know about, and you don't want it to keep telling you about it then you can either add it to the ignore list which will stop showing you this check. You just turn off the check completely, I won't go through all of these because they're fairly self-explanatory - and this is where we manage ignores so - let's just ignore this page completely, and then we can go in there and see which pages we have ignored completely. Okay, so we're just going to go through some of these results that I've got here from a random website I just let it run 50 seconds on thisgardening website, so you can see it couldn't find a favor icon on the home page check. There was an minified JavaScript and CSS issue which in turn will affect load time, which in turn will affect rankings, meta tags missing, slow response from the initial load of the web page, keyword density seems to high.

If you need details about any of these problems and just click the details tab you can see here in this instance actually that's - probably okay, because that's part of their domain name, probably brand names, that's probably okay, actually, h1 tags not present, description tags not Present, URLs not optimized for page content, irrelevant title tags, thin pages on the website. So you can see it's picked up quite a few problems which isn't abnormal for gardening websites, they're, never really that SEO optimized. I think if I let it run and crawl the whole website you'd probably see hundreds and hundreds. Okay, oh yes, you can also export any of the results to exported to CSV. You won't get the additional details though. You can export them as PDF and HTML, and that will contain the details from the seo checks on each page. Okay, that's it thanks guys.