Youtube Keyword Tool

What is Youtube Keyword Tool?

Youtube Keyword Tool is a software tool that allows users to generate unlimited long tail keywords from Youtube auto search suggest. Youtube auto search suggest keywords are generated when an Youtube user enters any characters. For example if they enter gaming then a list of auto complete suggestions will be generated for gaming such as gaming chairs, gaming laptops etc.

How does it work?

Youtube Keyword Tool sends search queries off to Youtube in the background automatically to find long tail variants of your niches main keywords that Youtube users are searching for when watching videos on from Youtube. You simply enter your inital niches main keyword(s) then configure the depth of long tails variants you want to generate and click start. Its really that simple. For example if your niche/main keyword is gaming, you would simply enter gaming and click generate long tails and the software would bring back hundreds of gaming related long tail keyword variants to give you an idea about what vidoes to create next based on what videos Youtube users are searching for.

Why should I use it?

First off its a powerful tool thats totally unlimited, how many of those exist on the web? Secondly, after Google, Youtube is the worlds largest search engine. Its properties (videos) rank high on Google simply because they are Google's own so its trusts them more. This tool allows you to find exactly what users on Youtube in your niche are searching for by quickly generating a Youtube keyword list thats perfect for giving you new niche ideas. Helping you to find easy to rank for search terms on both Google and Youtube.

What does it look like?

Youtube Keyword Generator

Watch Youtube Keyword Tool in action / Tutorial

Change log

  • 01/09/2017 - Initial release

Alternative tool names - Youtube keyword...

  • downloader
  • checker
  • extractor
  • finder
  • keyword ideas
  • keyword maker
  • suggestion tool
  • keyword scraper
  • keyword software

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my youtube keyword generator tool. So basically, what this tool does is. It allows you to basically mine or extract hundreds and hundreds of longtail variants of your main keywords of your niche, and it does that by firing off requests in the background to the YouTube autocomplete feature on their search. So you know how a lot of big websites you go on them. You type something in and I'll try and be clever and kind of try and finish off what you're typing. So you know if you're typing gaming a in, you know it'll bring you a list of like gaming, arm-chairs gaming accessories, etc.

So this tool basically goes off in the background and just mines as many longtail keywords from your initial seed keyword you put in as it possibly can. Okay, so, let's just go through some of the settings and I'll show you in action. So this is just a delay in milliseconds between each requests, to YouTube's search that'lln be fine. If you're gonna stick in loads and loads keywords, and you will want to crank that up quite a bit just so your IP doesn't get banned or anything like that. So generate keywords from suggestion results, so if you have that ticked, basically it'll just keep on generating more and more long tails from the long tails that you'd get back. So you know if you type in gaming it'll, so if you've got gaming as your main keyword here, so you might tpye in like gaming a and get back gaming arm-chairs. If you have that ticked it'll, then carry on and go gaming arm-chairs a and then you might get something like gaming armchairs Apple.

So I'm looking for a gaming chair made by Apple or something so that's what that does. You can apply a regular expression to it. If you want to filter out certain things - and you know if you want to apply complicated rule to filter out certain results, you can a more simpler way to exclude things. You don't want anything to do with you know gaming, laptops or whatever. Then you could put laptops in there and any result it contains. Laptops will be filtered out. Keyword, suggestion character depth, so it's quite an important one. So it's all works by going off in the entering like gaming, a and then getting B and getting C and D and just basically mining all the results.

Although I also suggest, if you have that on it'll just do a to z and then 0 so 9, you can skip numbers by the way. If you want, you know it's to do gaming, a a and a b c d, and then it'll go b, a b b, c d, etc, and now it'll take it'll, take a lot longer, but you'll get a much deeper mine and you'll get some. You know things that you just wouldn't think people would be searching for and there might be. You know zero competition, some of those longer variants.

Which market should we use US or UK. I will add some more in there soon. Ok, so I'll show you it in action now with a fairly light keyword mine and then once we got some results, I can show you all these buttons at the bottom. Our main keyword is gaming for now, so you can see how we type in gaming ABCD and we're mining all the results in the YouTube auto suggest now. Okay, so that's just completed and you can see how he very quickly it got tons and tons and tons of longtail keywords. Now we can explore the results and these three buttons here, what they basically do is you can mark these results here that you've just got. That's your initial set, so you mark them you'll, say initial set. Then you can view the initial set and then the next time that you've run a mine for the gaming keyword or whatever you can compare the results of them versus the results that you've got in this initial step.

So, every time you come along and look for keywords if it's the same every time come along and look for longtail variants of your keywords. You've got the same key seed keywords in here each time and you can compare the results easily and that'll show you. If there's you know a new product out or something in your niche that maybe you weren't aware of you'll, see people searching for it and they'll give you quite a competitive advantage. So I'll show you what a little bit of a deeper mine looks like now, and you can see we're doing a BAC, the barber bla and then we'll get to the end of that and it'll be ABC, etc, and you can see that we're getting some. Quite you know quite long long tails in there right anyway. I hope that will make sense.