Find guest posts easily with Guest Post Finder

What is Guest Post Finder?

Guest Post Finder is a software tool that will search (scrape) Google for guest posting opportunities in your niche so you don't have to spend hours manually doing the same. It will even check Moz DA for each website so you can assess how powerful each link will be.

How does Guest Post Finder work?

Guest Post Finder simply fires HTTP requests to Google to perform searches with your niche keywords and typical guest posting keywords words such as "guest posters wanted". There is currently a total of 40 and you are free to add and remove your own. The conditions for finding guest posts are highly customisable for example the guest post keyword match must be in the body, or title or meta data. Guest Post Finder also support proxies for blazingly fast results.

List of guest posting keywords we use

  • accepting guest posters
  • accepting guest posts
  • articles wanted
  • become a contributor
  • become a guest blogger
  • become an author
  • become guest writer
  • blog for us
  • contribute to our site
  • contributing writer
  • contributor guidelines
  • guest article
  • guest author
  • guest blogger
  • guest column
  • guest post courtesy of
  • guest post opportunities
  • guest poster wanted
  • guest posters wanted
  • guest posting guidelines
  • guest posts
  • guest posts wanted
  • looking for guest posts
  • submit an article
  • submit article
  • submit blog post
  • submit content
  • submit guest post
  • submit post
  • submit your content
  • suggest a post
  • this is a guest post by
  • this post was written by
  • want to contribute to our website
  • want to write a post
  • want to write an article
  • want to write for
  • write for us
  • writers wanted

Why should I use Guest Post Finder?

Finding niche related guest posts can take hours, even days sometimes. Why spend all that time when you can simply enter your niche keywords and let the software do all the searching and metric checking for you. Simply enter your niche keywords and come back to every guest posting opportunity there is for you. Where else can you download such a powerful tool for finding guest posting opportunities? If you like this sound of this tool you might also like my new web based version called Big Guest Posting.

What does it look like?

guest post finder

Watch Guest Post Finder in action / Tutorial

How to get your MOZ API keys (Optional)

Change log

  • 19/06/2017 - Initial release
  • 18/01/2018 - Added fix for scraping bing

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my guest post finding tool. Basically, what this does is people often spend a lot of time, looking for guest posting opportunities by putting in their niche or their keywords or whatever, and then also putting in other keywords, along with it, into search engines such as, I don't know just say, you're in the film's niche you might put in films - and you might also put in guest guest posting as well, and you go through the results, one by one, looking for guest posting opportunities.

Now what this tool does is this helps you automate all of that so say your niche is films. This will go away and then loop through all the different guest posting keywords. If you see here, there's a lot and you're free to add your own as well, and it will go through all your niche keywords here. Searching for them, along with all these guest post keywords as well. So what you should end up with is a huge list of niche relevant guest posting opportunities, and this software also supports pulling the Moz, PA and DA for the owning domain from the MOZ API. If you enter your MOZ access key there.

Okay, so we'll go through some of the options so you can understand how it works. The software supports proxies but, as I always say, use good high quality, dedicated proxies, otherwise you'll get loads and loads and loads of Google IP blocks and the quality of your results will be pretty low. You can specify which search engines you want to use, Google or Bing I'd leave those as they are for now. As delays filters, you can apply additional filters if you feel the quality of the results, isn't accurate enough, you can apply these filters here. Guest post keywords, you can add your own ones here if you know more.

You can ignore certain websites with this ignore list, so nothing is in there at the moment, but basically when you get your list and results back, if there's ones in there which aren't guest posting opportunities, then you can just add them to the ignore list. So then say, you've already contacted the webmaster and there's no opportunities there then you can add them to the ignore list and they won't show up the next time. The last option I'm going to show you is whether you have a title or a body search, so that basically means every time we search for these keywords here, these guest blogging keywords, we can decide whether we only want to show the results if they are in the title. Personally, I keep it to body results, body search and then, if you feel the quality isn't good enough, then you can apply additional filters. As you see fit, but I keep it on that because you'll get way more results.

Okay, so I think we're good to go. So I'm not going to use proxies or MOZ metrics at the moment just for this video, so let's see what we can find. Okay so we're starting to get back relevant results now and that's basically it so, I hope you guys find it useful if you have any questions please come to and fire me a message. As always, if there's any software you want creating that you think there is a good demand for it, please fire me a message. Thanks guys!