Keyword Link Spy

What is Keyword Link Spy?

Keyword Link Spy is a desktop tool that will allow users to find the backlinks that your top 100 competitors are using to rank for specific keywords. Simply enter your keyword such as "dog training" and Keyword Link Spy will show you all the backlinks linking to the organic results for "dog training".

How does this simple tool work?

When you click "Start Search" Keyword Link Spy takes all your entered keyword(s) and goes off to Google and searches these keywords, it then takes each of the results (up to 100 results / webpages) and sees what backlinks are linking directly to each of these organic search results. This backlink search on the Google results is powered by the MOZ API, you simply need to enter your MOZ API key. Which is 100% free to obtain, you simply create an account with them and click generate API keys.

Why should I use this tool?

This tool is great for getting an overall view of what type of links your competitors are using to rank. Assessing the competition is key to ranking. You can also see where your competitors are obtaining their backlinks are replicate this strategy.

What does this tool look like?

Keyword Link Spy

Watch Keyword Link Spy in action / Tutorial

How to get your MOZ API keys (Optional)

Change log

  • 04/12/2017 - Initial release

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my keyword link spy tool and what this tool basically does, it allows you to enter keywords and then see the backlinks your competitors are using to rank for those keywords so say, for example, in here we've got buy SEO packages. When you click start, this tool will go off to Google search for buy SEO packages. Take the 100 results that come back, if you want to quickly, you can change it to 10, but it'll take the 100 results in this instance that come back and then it will grab the backlinks pointing to each of those results that comes back from Google for the buy SEO packages search term.

So this is a really easy way of seeing where your competitors are getting their links from, and the obvious advantage here is that you don't have to check each competitor one by one. You can enter a search term and then or search terms, and then it will do you know a hundred competitors at once. Saving you tons of time, and once you know where your competitors backlinks are coming from, you can replicate and improve upon their backlink strategy to outrank them.

So the backlinks that it finds, it finds them through using the Moz API. So to use this tool, you do need a MOZ API key, an Access ID and a secret key which you enter here and it's completely free to get just type in MOZ Api into Google and then I believe you go to dashboard or something click generate keys and you will get a MOZ access ID and a mod secret key. And then you simply click that button and enter the keys. That's it, then, you just come here and enter your search terms and click search.

So let's see it in action. So what we're doing now is we go off to Google, we perform a search, We've got the results, we're now sending a request off to the MOZ API. Because I'm using a free, Moz API account there is limit, it can only send one request every 10 seconds, if you want it quicker you can upgrade your account and you'll get the results back quicker, but you will still get the same results, so you can do it completely. Free just means you have to wait a little bit longer.

So, as you can see here, we're sleeping so that we don't go over the MOZ API limit and then there we go time to send another one, fire another one and then we're basically iterating through all the different backlinks that are pointing to the results that have come back from Google for this search term, so you can see there's some competitors here. This is where one of their backlinks is from for that for this search term, and that is the anchor text so we'll leave that running for a minute and they will come back to it and we'll go through some of the results.

Okay, so it's been running for about a minute or something, and you can see that it's bringing back tons and tons of results already. You can see the anchor text, the competitors URL and where they're getting their backlinks from so that's pretty much it. Hopefully, you see how convenient of a tool this is. You can just enter some keywords, you know, set it running, go away, do something else come back and see. You know loads of places that you can source backlinks from and you can see how your competitors are ranking. So hopefully, this helps you guys. I'd love to hear what you think of it and that's it thanks for watching guys.