Link Monitor

What is Link Monitor?

Link Monitor automates the tasks of checking if your backlinks have been changed/deleted or new ones have being placed on specified webpages.

How does Link Monitor work?

Once your website URL and the URL of pages where your backlinks exist have been added to Link Monitor you can check the status of every single link to your website with the click of a single button. When that single button is clicked Link Monitor will download the HTML for each page and check your links. You can even schedule checks to automatically check for you at set times or intervals. Any different types of notification are included such as tray balloons, audio notifications and URL loads.

Why should I use Link Monitor?

Cloud based services such as ahrefs and MOZ will check your websites backlink profile but they will not check daily. So if you've purchased a nice expensive powerful link and the webmaster accidentally removes it you may not be notified by these cloud crawlers for weeks and by then this change could of damaged your websites rankings. Link Monitor can check every few minutes. Not to mention the cost savings!

Show me Link Monitor working

Change log

  • 01/06/2016 - Initial release
  • 01/08/2016 - Added upgrade checker
  • 01/06/2017 - Added bug reporter
  • 24/06/2017 - Fixed https bug when adding pages to monitor

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and this video I'm going to show you how to use my link monitor tool. For those of you who don't know what my link monitor tool is, it allows you to monitor your backlinks for any type of change, even the pages outbound link count. Obviously this is great because typical backlink crawlers will notify you, but they can take weeks, maybe months, sometimes to crawl those pages to find the changes, whereas link monitor, can crawl it every minute if you really wanted to okay. So, let's add our first website for this video, I'm just going to use a little test PBN I was playing with.

So click, Add website and enter your domain name here now. You should always enter it without the WWW's. So that it would have picked it up with a WWW but then will have problems with web 2.0 is in there subdomains. So if you just leave that without the WWW, then it'll pick up all the links point at your site, whether they're pointing just to or So once you've entered that click Save and now we're going to add the first link, that's pointing to our website. So again, click manage and click Add page, now enter the full URL. So with the HTTP or HTTPS click, Add page here we have a selection of options to choose from.

So nofollow, that's just if you want to be notified, whether a nofollow tag, added or removed from the links, HTML outbound link, increase and decrease. So if the you know so, you brought a link from someone and they've told you yeah, it's the only outbound link on the page and then they go and stick another ten on there. Then you can be notified of that. Your link anchor text changes, you can get a notify for that. So anything from the case of the anchor tags changing to other attributes being added to the link. Okay, so once we select the ones, you want, click Save Changes and that's our first link added now once you've added all the links you want.

The first thing you should do is to click check here and that will go off and kind of record the current state of all your links - and you know which ones exist and you know there anchor texts whatever, and it will record that and then every check it does after that will be compared against this initial check now. So I'm just gonna go off and change link that we added and you'll see what it does in a sec.

So when we run the check again now, we should find that the link on that page is now missing and is no longer linked. Well, it's there, but it's no longer linking it to our website. Now we go pick that up status tells us that something's changed. So, let's click that and see what's changed, so we can see that it's picked up the link, that's being removed. It's telling us that everything else is right on the site, but just regarding missing link. So next click that - and you can now see that this is the link that was removed - let's try some others, okay, so I've just made a few other changes.

I've changed the anchor text on our original link and I added another out bound pointing at Google. So there now, you can see that it's picked up the outbound link increase and it's also detected the anchor text change that I did to the link that was pointing to our website. Now, once a change has been effected. As we discussed before, we have the status alert here now. You have two options: you can either keep checking against the original link set or you can click the reset button and that will go and reset the original link set by calling all the links points to our website and then using that as a future comparison. So any checks you do subsequently check against this new version when whatever link is present when you click the reset button.

Now a few other things to show you, if you go to options, you can manage the scheduled check, so you can either just manually have to go into the application or Click Auto then you can have set intervals where you can check every few hours to see if, where your links are still there or you can check, you know every day at 3:00 o'clock or whatever, and then we've got options for what to do once we find a link change. If you want to be reported within the application, I just leave them as they are. You can have a system tray, balloon alert I'll just pop up in the bottom right saying, changes have been found. You can play an audio alert or you can load the URL which will not be launched in your default browser and then, from with that URL you could set up an email, alert or something so once you're happy with those just save them.

Another quick little thing to discuss your options settings you can also set a link, come on it start Windows and it'll start a non-intrusive minimized away bottom right of your screen and then, if you also have a schedule check - and you can basically just you know - so - don't Forget - and it will keep an eye on all your links for you. One final, quick thing, if you already have a long list of existing backlinks and you don't wanna click, Add page type them all out, you can just put them paste them all into a Line separated CSV file or text all the way over and just import them doesn't matter the extension or whatever. Just as long as it's in a line. Separated format with full URL then should be fine and that's it. I hope you've enjoyed the video and you find the software useful. If you have any questions, please message me. Also, if you want anything created there is a decent demand for, and please fill out my suggestion form. Thanks guys!