Most Viral

What is Most Viral?

Most Viral is a desktop application that will search Google for your keyword and retrieve the social media statistics for each URL returned by Google. This includes Facebook shares, Pinterest pins, LinkedIn shares and Google Plus's.

How does it work?

Once you've entered your keywords(s) Most Viral will search each keyword in the background, scraping the results off Google. These results (URLs) will then be loaded into each social media platforms website widgets to retrieve the number of shares for each URL.

Why should I use it?

If you are considering writing an article on a topic knowing what previously was shared well on social media platforms is essential. Social media competitor analysis has never been this easy.


  • See the most Facebook shared pages for a keyword.
  • See the most Pinterest pinned pages for a keyword.
  • See the most LinkedIn shared pages for a keyword.
  • See the most Google Plus'ed pages for a keyword.

What does Most Viral look like?

Most viral

Watch Most Viral in action / Tutorial

Change log

  • 31/07/2017 - Initial release
  • 22/07/2018 - Fix for FB switch to UTF8

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video, I'm going to show you how to use my most viral software tool. What it does is, basically you enter a search phrase into Google or multiple search phrases and it will search that phrase for you and then for every website, thats returned up to 100, it will bring back the amount of facebook shares and Pinterest pins and Google pluses and LinkedIn shares that that Particular URL has. So for example, I'll show you it working as we go through the options in a second but an example would be dog toys, so you'd click check Viral stats it'll go away in the background and search Google for it, and then all results would come back. You'll see how many Facebook shares that particular first URL has, and then it goes to the second one and the third one all the way up to hundred.

If you wanted to see the social statistics for each URL so before I show you it in action, let's just have a look at some of these options. So basically, if you're doing multiple keywords, that is a delay between each request to Google but generally leave it at that, because to be honest, if you're doing, if you're checking a hundred results by the time you come around to doing the next keyword you're probably not going to go over that Google limit anyway. Google's to use, so do you want to be, you know more geographically relevant, or do you just want to be using the

How many results you want to check you can have all the way from 10 all the way up to 100. Okay, so let's just go with this example. Here, dog toys and see what we get so now it's going off it's searching Google. So by now it's good! So there you go. It's got a hundred Google URL results back because that's what we had in the options, and now it's going through each URL and seeing how how many social shares it has. You can see this one had quite a lot of pinterest pins compared to Facebook shares and it will work its way through however many domains came back, probably about 100.