SEO Plagiarism Checker

What is SEO Plagiarism Checker?

SEO Plagiarism Checker is a desktop tool that will crawl your website checking every page's content to see if that content is elsewhere on the internet.

How does this tool work?

Using advanced crawling technology you don't need to tell this tool about every page on your website you simply enter your homepage and it will go page to page downloading your content and checking if its elsewhere online. This tool sends HTTP requests off to Bing in the background simulating a nomral users search for each sentance of your content on each page of your website. Once a matching sentance is found, the page it was found on will be displayed along side the page that is potentially stealing your websites content. Sentances are cleaned and filtered before being ran through the plagiarism check. For example sentances that are too long for Bing will be excluded and sentances that are too short and therefore will appear all over the web are excluded from the search/scrape.

Why should I use it?

If another website is stealing your websites content then this is one of the fastest ways you can be notified of it. There are several reasons plagiarism can damage your website...

  • SEO damage - Although Google has repeatedly said there is no "Duplicate content penalty", it has said it will filter out duplicate content. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you spent weeks working on an article only to publish it and have someone else copy it, then request Google to index it on their website through Google webmaster tools before the Google bot found the article on your website. Your brand new amazing article may be filtered out of Google's search results.
  • Brand damage - If someone copies your content then claims it's theirs this can greatly damage your brand. How do you prove you wrote it if they copy it straight away before Google indexes it?
  • Free backlinks - If someone has quoted/cited your content this can often be a great opportunity to get a backlink by reaching out to them and asking them to link to your in return for allowing them to use your content.

What does it look like?

SEO plagiarismc checker

Watch SEO Plagiarism Checker in action / Tutorial

Change log

  • 21/11/2017 - Initial release

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my SEO plagiarism checker software tool and basically what this does is it allows you to find websites that have basically copied your content. So you simply point it at your website here and I'll go off it'll crawl, every single page on your website, it'll download your content and it'll search the rest of the Internet for content that matches yours and it does that using Bing in the background. So before I show you it on my own website I'll go through some of the settings. First, off we've got the pretty obvious one, enter your full domain with HTTP HTTPS there, and then this basically searches all your content or you can search a random 10% of your content.

If you want to search much faster and if you want a really really quick search, because you might have like a massive web website or something, then you can just take ten sentences from every page and then even just doing that light kind of search will normally find if someone has copied your content. Okay, so let's go through some of the settings up here. So Bing settings, that's just if you've got a massive website and a really fast internet connection and you're going to be firing loads of search requests to Bing, you might want to crank that up to like two seconds or something, but if you don't have a huge website or a blazingly fast, you know insane connection, then you can just leave that at zero.

That's fine. That's the delay between each request to Bing. Next ignore text, so you will find that basically things like your cookie text and your disclaimer and things like that other websites will share similar ones. So if you do find that, then you can just dump it in here anywhere and then it will check every sentence of your content against this ignore text to see if it's contained within this ignore text before it displays it on this results grid here and that's it so let's see it in action, so we're going do a heavy search for my website, because I know there's quite a few sites that have copied it so now you can see that it's firing, it's downloading, the content from my home page. And it's fired off it's in the process of firing off those sentences off to Bing. You can see it's found some matches already, once it's finished processing that page the matches will be displayed in here and they'll move on to the next page.

So what we'll do is we'll leave that running for five minutes and then we'll come back and we'll see what it's found. Okay, so I kind of got impatient, I couldn't wait 5 minutes. So it's running for two minutes now and you can see we found you know tons and tons of websites that have copied my content. So you can see the page that has my own content on it and you can see the page that's copied my content and what sentence its matched on. So if we open up - let's just open that one of these yeah there you go it's my software. I should point out that that's actually fine for my website I have told people they're free to distribute my software, how they want as long as they don't take credit for it and charge for it. That's absolutely fine, so yeah, hopefully it's a handy tool for you guys, there's loads of reasons to use it like brand protection, SEO protection in case their content they've copied of yours gets indexed before yours.

Checking for copied content is actually also a really good way to get free backlinks as well. You know if someone's taking your content - and you can say, hey you've taken my content but I'll let you use it as long as you give me credit in the form of a backlink to my content. Which is a really quick and easy free way to get a decent backlink. Okay! That's it thanks for watching guys.