SEO Google Rank Checker

What is Supa Simple Rank Checker?

Its a easy to use SEO rank (serp) checking tool. This desktop application will sit in background checking the search engine position (ranks / serps) of all your keywords on both Bing and Google. You can enter your keywords and website(s) and it will check every day or you can run manual updates whenever you add new keywords or think there might be some movement in your rankings. See the daily changes for each keyword, see each keyword compared to a week or month ago and see each keyword visually with graphs. You can import lists of keywords and export ranking results.

How does it work?

Supa Simple Rank Checker fires HTTP requests at the two most popular search engines (Google and Bing) then checks to results for each entered keyword to see where you website ranks for the search term(s). This is then stored and automatically checked the next day or when you run a manual update.

Why should I use it?

Knowing if your website is going up the search engine results or down can make or break your business. This tool can tell you if all your hard SEO work is paying off.

What does Supa Simple Rank Checker look like?

Supa Simple Rank Checker

Watch Supa Simple Rank Checker action / Tutorial

Tips for max results

  • Use a sensible delay between requests to Google so your IP does not get banned. If you want to see the position of hundreds of keywords you'll need to increase the default limit.


  • This isn't just a Google serp checker, this is also a bing serp checker.
  • Check the serp of hundreds of keywords. You're actually only limited by the speed at which you can send serp requests to Google and Bing.
  • View your keywords positions visually in a graph or in a simple text based view.
  • See your movement on the SERPs overtime easily with the week, month and 3 months summary view.

Change log

  • 01/02/2017 - Initial release
  • 01/06/2017 - Added bug reporter
  • 05/07/2017 - Fixed Google sensitivity saving bug
  • 06/08/2017 - Google URL now overrides Bing URL
  • 07/11/2017 - Fixed bug that stopped some people from deleting keywords
  • #
  • 18/01/2018 - Added fix for scraping bing

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video, I'm going to show you how to use my super simple rank checker tool now, basically, all this does is it allows you to keep track of your keyword positions in both Google and Bing for as many Websites and search keywords as you want pretty much. Really you're only limited by the pause that you have to have between sending each keyword request to Google, so you know you can have it support between two and three thousand keywords. Okay, so I'll go through some of the settings first so settings here, so most of them are pretty self-explanatory. Start windows, starts so that'll run if that's ticked, when your PC boots up go and run minimized in the background and run daily SERP (search engine results positions) checks automatically. If that's ticked, then, once a day, all the updates will automatically run without you having to do a manual update and that's whether you want it'll alert once the daily check is done.

Google sensitivity, if you find your IP address keeps getting blocked for some reason then just crank that up a little bit and also here if you are running other stuff in the background thats scraping Google, then you'll probably want that cranked up as well. So I'll go through the all keywords stuff first before that, adding websites is pretty simple. Really you just click that button you decide which Google you want to check your rankings on and that's pretty much it. Once you've added your website, you can add keywords: we can import them from a line separated file and that's when you want to run so now I'll just explain the positioning and how that works on the all keywords tab we selected here.

So this is your position. Currently, your Google position, and that's your Bing position currently now with this keyword we're number one for expired tumblr hunter. Now the second figure here zero, so that's the movement compared to a week ago, so you can see your Google position a week ago. We were position one and we are on position one today. So that's a movement of zero and the same goes for these two here, Google a week and Google a month. It's a question mark because we don't have the data from a month ago yet, it hasn't been running that long, so you can see this working here for Bing, so today we're position twelve for this search term and a week ago we were position seven, so we've moved back five places.

We have position five today and where we were position one week ago, move position seven a week ago, so we've moved up two places now, if you want to drill down more into a single keyword, select single keyword, select keyword and you can see every rank check that We've got for it and you can see the Google position and Bing position for that day and the URL that was ranking. If you want a more visual representation of movement, then you can click the graph and you can see Bings been up and down a little bit, Google's been pretty stable and that's pretty much it.

I'll show it you in action now, so we're going to do a manual update. You can have all websites selected or just one website. So we clicked manual update and there you can see the keyword, the website that it's doing and the keyword that it's doing. If you've got tons and tons of tons of keywords in there, then it will be a little bit slower than that and you can see it's done.