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Keyword research

Keyword Feast

Keyword Feast uses the Google suggestion API to generate thousands of long tail keywords for your niche, some of which will have zero competition. It can even alert you of new search trends in your niche so you can be the first to dominate a search term.

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Bing Keyword Generator

Bing Keyword Generator allows users to generate unlimited long tail keywords from Bing.

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Power LSI Finder

Power LSI Finder is a powerful desktop tool that allows indepth analysis of the Latent Semantic Indexing keywords for your primary keywords. This tool allows you to go up to 500 results deep into Google SERPs for unrivalled exploration of semantically related words.

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Expired Tumblr Hunter

Make use of resources others no longer want. When a Tumblr user is inactive tumblr disable their account. You can then reregister the users address (e.g and make use of all the back links it has pointing to it. Tumblr hunter can check thousands of Tumblrs with the click of a few buttons to see if they have expired. Power your websites up google with a strong network of niche related tumblrs.

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Expired Web 2.0 Ranker

Expired web 2.0 ranker is a simple tool that allows you to find expired web 2.0 properties by scraping web 2.0's from Google and Bing. These web 2.0's can be tumblr, weebly. blogspot, wordpress and the software even allows you to add your own web 2.0s to scrape for. The software also supports proxies allowing blazing fast results. All search engine scrapes can be niche related or go by a list of keywords that you provide.

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Expired Domain Finder

Give yourself a head start on your money webiste or find awesome domains to build a PBN with expired domain finder. No more paying for expensive expired domains at auction. Search by niche or just leave running forever.

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Guest Post Finder

Finding good high metric blogs that accept guest posts can be difficult. Guest Post Finder allows you to simply enter your niche keywords and it will scrape search engines for blogs allowing guest posts in your niche, it will also check the PA/DA of each result. If you like this sound of this tool you might also like my new web based version called Big Guest Posting.

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Competitor Analysis

PBN Hunter

Used all your SEO kung-fu but still can't understand how your competitors are ranking so high in the search engines? Theres a strong chance they're using a hidden private blog network. PBN hunter is a tool that will help you find these well hidden PBN websites. PBN hunter can also be used as a keyword research tool to determine if a keyword really is as easy as it seems before you invest countless hours trying to rank for it.

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Bulk Moz DA Checker

Bulk Moz DA Checker is a software tool that allows users to check an unlimited amount of websites, domains, web 2.0, URLs, pages, any web propery in fact for its Moz domain authority and Moz page authority. You simply create a free Moz account, which takes about 30 seconds and no credit card is required, then click generate API key and enter your key into Bulk Moz DA Checker.

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Keyword Link Spy

Keyword Link Spy is a software tool that will allow users to find the backlinks that your top 100 competitors are using to rank for specific keywords. Simply enter your keyword such as "dog training" and Keyword Link Spy will show you all the backlinks linking to the organic results for "dog training".

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Rank Checking

Supa Simple Rank Checker

Monitor your rankings and an unlimted number of keywords with Supa Simple Rank Checker. View graphs of your websites rankings and how its moved over weeks and months. Install, add keywords then just leave it running for simple search engine ranking reporting.

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Social Media

Viral Spy

Spy on your competitors content by finding which pages have been shared the most on social media. Viral Spy will crawl every page on a website and check how many times its been shared on Facebook, Gplus and Twitter.

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Most Viral

Most Viral is a desktop application that will search Google for your keyword and retrieve the social media statistics for each URL returned by Google (up to 100 results). This includes Facebook shares, Pinterest pins, LinkedIn shares and Google Plus's.

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Amazon Keyword Generator

Amazon Keyword Generator allows users to generate unlimited long tail keywords from Amazon for free.

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Content Tools

Spun By Google Content Spinner

Spun By Google Content Spinner is a desktop application that uses Google translate to spin your content so you know the result is grammatically correct well formed content in the eyes of Google. Spun By Google Content Spinner simply throws your content in and out of Google translate. The content it generates is perfect for lower tires in tired link building campaigns and even expired web 2.0s.

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Content Creator

Content Creator helps both Whitehat and Blackhat SEO's by kick starting their content creation process. Either by generating the whole article for them (spun and shuffled) or grabbing all the headers (h1/h2) from the competition (top 100 results on Google) to give them as many content ideas as possible.

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Elite Content Creator

Elite Content Creator takes advantage of the fact YouTube subtitles are not indexed in Google. So you have a near unlimited amount of high quality content just waiting to be indexed. This tool will rip the subs of all your niches videos, check they are not indexed online then even punctuate them for you. Leaving you with an unlimited supply of high quality unique content.

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Website Finder

Website Finder is a desktop application for searching for websites by your set criteria such as HTML, HTTP codes, CMS type and much much more.

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External Domain Extractor

External Domain Extractor is a desktop application that allows users to crawl websites and extract external (outbound) domains and links from each page of the target websites(s).

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Search Engine Scraper

Scrape Google and Bing for results and automatically check the DA and PA of each result.

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Website health

Bad Neighborhood Checker

How much do you know about the websites you're sharing an IP address with? Probably very little. Are they hosting malware? Are they hosting thousands of auto generated spun content? Have they been deindexed by Google? Bad Neighborhood Checker can provide you with the valuable information you need about your IP address neighbors to decide if you need to move or not. This software has now been ported to the cloud and is 100% free!

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Supa SEO Checker

Check your websites entire SEO setup on every page. Just enter your website and Supa SEO Checker will crawl every page checking all important SEO points.

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SEO Plagiarism Checker

SEO Plagiarism Checker is a desktop tool that will crawl your website checking every page's content to see if that content is elsewhere on the internet. Protect your brand and get free backlinks.

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Proxy Checker

Proxy Checker is a software tool used for checking if your proxies are functioning as expected. Reliable working proxies are key to successful internet marketing. Often you may try and save money by purchasing semi, or even scraping public instead buying dedicated only to find out most of them are not going to work for your project.

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