How to steal your competitors web traffic

I've made some bold (see what I did there?) claims about SEMRush and what it can do for your business. Its time for me to back them up. What I'll show you in this video using my own website as an example...

  • Steal your competitors keywords - With SEMrush you can uncover your competitors organic and paid search strategies (keywords)
  • Steal your competitors backlinks - You can view your competitors' backlink profile so you can simply find where they are getting their links from and copy them!
  • Find new keywords - Find keywords you'd never of thought of that will bring you tons of traffic
  • Find search volume for keywords - See how many people are searching keywords before you start building pages for those keywords
  • Find keyword difficulty - Know if you are going to be able to rank for a keyword before you even start
  • Find toxic links - Find links that are pointing to your website that might be damaging your rankings or risking you getting removed from Google
  • On page SEO checker - Find ways to boost your pages rankings by tweaking them to search engine optimisation perfection
  • Monitor your keywords on Google - See if your website is losing ground to your competitors or monitor your websites rise to the top of the SERPs.
  • Brand Monitoring - Get FREE backlinks by turning brand mentions into backlinks

Watch the best SEO tool you can get in action

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As I'm building up quite an audience now with my free tools SEMrush have been very kind and given me a special link that allows you to get a month free. You have to enter your card details but you won't be charged if you cancel before the trial ends, so milk it guys! :-)

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